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NYC Guide to Mental Health

Fruits & Veggies Matter

A recent study indicates that those who eat lettuce see improvements to their mental health. Unfortunately, most of us fail to eat the fruits and vegetables so important to physical and mental health.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatments in Midtown Manhattan

Midtown doctor treats carpal tunnel syndrome

Sensory symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include discomfort and pain in the wrist. The name Carpal Tunnel is derived from the small bones in the wrist called carpal bones. The carpal tunnel helps to bend the digits and protects the nerve and flexor tendons in the hand. What are the causes and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome have contributing factors that include frequent and repetitive small movements with the hands; hormonal changes; blood sugar issues; constant grasping and clinching on-the-job requirements; and a family history of sensory issues.

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