Your primary care physican in Midtown Manhattan

Dr. Cherry Ostrager, with her expansive knowledge and expertise in the field of Family medicine, has helped many patients with their health issues. She can help you, too.

Dr. Cherry Ostrager

Dr. Ostrager is a rarity in New York as she gives comprehensive medical care and because of the full attention she gives to each patient. Those who come to Midtown East Family Medicine are given individualized medical attention and personalized care for all their medical needs. Dr. Ostrager delivers the most superb as well as the highest level of medical care.

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An excellent diagnostician …

Starting with your your visit to her private state-of-the-art  office on 57th Street in Manhattan, patients can expect to receive an initial consultation to address all primary care needs to include a thorough medical evaluation at which time she devises a  management and treatment plan. She then will closely follow up with your primary care concerns in a continuity of care settings.

Dr. Ostrager is well-known as a resource in Midtown Manhattan for those who need help with both acute and chronic issues such as allergies, fatigue, all types of pain, wellness and preventative healthcare and strategies and much more. She provides multifaceted care.

Dr Ostrager can provide help immediately for all your urgent concerns as well as a strong advocate for your maximum health and well being. She is taking new patients.

To a healthier you!