Continuity of primary care is key to patient health

A primary care physician can help you stay your best by evaluating your health and creating a foundation of medical care that will serve you into the future. Primary care physicians screen for a variety of medical conditions that can improve your life. That’s why it is important to have an ongoing relationship with a doctor to save time when health issues arise. 

Evaluate your current health

Timely access to identifying and addressing underlying health problems starts with a full evaluation in a doctor’s office. Dr. Ostrager offers primary care services to help identify and treat medical problems – often before they show symptoms. It takes more than screening blood and testing to keep a patient healthy and happy. That’s why patients need a good primary care physician to help them identify medical problems through both screening as well as a thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history and current lifestyle.

A shared path forward

We want to help patients improve their health by offering easily accessible information and insights that lead to better health management strategies. The medical community talks a lot about “continuity of primary care” and the importance of establishing a relationship with a primary care physician so that patients and their doctors can manage overall health goals. Continuity of primary care will dramatically increase the overall health of patients because consistency is key. Over the course of time, a primary care physician knows a patient’s health history and will more likely recognize signs that indicate a possible change in overall health.

Find a primary care physican today

It’s never a better day than today to begin a relationship with a doctor who can provide better health outcomes. A provider who knows your medical history and habits will more likely recognize the root of health problems when they arise. Convenience is often the key to maintaining that relationship – for that reason, make sure your doctor is available nearby and can see you on a regular basis.

Setting up a relationship with a single doctor allows patients to feel and be fully involved when health issues rear their ugly heads. Dr. Ostrager covers a lot of ground with patients she sees on a regular basis because there’s already a foundation established.

Primary Care Doctor - Dr. Cherry Ostrager

Faster treatments for patients

Patients who come in for regular physicals are also more likely to receive faster treatment options. When primary care physicians know a patient already, they spend less time having to go through the basic routines that introduce a patient to a doctor for the first time. A record of screenings and past problems allows a primary care physician to rule out problems and isolate what is creating current health issues.

Self Referrals often delay treatment

Patients often make the mistake of “self referring” without the foundation of a primary care physician to assist with finding the correct specialist. Visits to specialists can take time and delay a diagnosis. When you go to a primary care physician you are evaluated in total rather than by a specific part of your body. Your primary care physician can take a broad view of a patient’s health and hone in on specific problems.