Primary care doctor appointments on 57th Street

Dr. Cherry Ostrager offers a full range of medical services and is currently accepting new patients at her conveniently located midtown Manhattan location. Dr. Ostrager is careful to evaluate the full spectrum of a patient’s medical condition, including a history of health and family issues. Midtown East Family Medicine PLLC is a family practice able to treat patients for a wide variety of conditions. While Dr. Ostrager specializes in allergy testing, joint and back pain, she also focuses her practice on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common sickness and chronic conditions.

Primary Care Exams
Primary Care Exams seek to evaluate the total health of a patient and to heal and to prevent sickness.

What to expect

Your first visit in our Midtown office will include a thorough physical exam. Special emphasis will be on discussing concerns that the patient may have. While other doctor offices in Midtown Manhattan offer large waiting rooms and impersonal experiences, Midtown East Family Medicine PLLC specializes in one-on-one meetings between the patient and Dr. Ostrager.

A patient’s visit will be as successfully as the rapport between patient and doctor – please feel free to ask as many questions as needed. 

We want you to feel comfortable talking about your health concerns while discussing an your medical conditions and history – details that allow for a complete primary care evaluation.

What to bring to your first appointment:

  • Questions – Patients are encouraged to ask questions pertaining to their health. The more questions you ask the better we can cover your concerns and uncover issues.
  • Medical history – Patients should make a list of personal information so that the physician has a source of essential information on past surgeries, medications and other health issues.
  • Medications – Exact dosage and the duration of treatments will help the doctor determine the best path forward.
  • Symptoms – While it is not always practicle to keep a list of ailments you’ve experienced in your life, it’s important to be as thorough as possible when discussing health issues and their effects on you over the course of your life. Things like headaches, insomnia, dizziness, pain and fatigue are signs of health conditions that may be treatable.
  • Insurance – Many health plans offer “in-network” rates that will ensure the doctor and patient can maximize the success of your visit. 

Evaluating Medical Conditions

Midtown primary care physician

Your visit with Dr. Ostrager aims to evaluate a patient’s existing health and to define steps to maintain or improve the health condition of the patient. If you are experiencing immediate problems, the doctor will seek to diagnose the condition by evaluating the patient’s symptoms and triggers to spot patterns. Through the course of the patient’s primary care appointment, Dr. Ostrager will try to refine these “red flags” and use the information presented to either diagnose the medical condition or order additional tests so to create a diagnosis that can lead to treatment. Dr. Ostrager is good at finding these “red flags” in patients when trying to diagnose problems, so it’s important to answer the doctor’s questions as thoroughly as possible.

Dr. Ostrager believes the patient and primary care doctor should have a decades-long relationship that builds on honest conversation and sophisticated medical care. Dr. Ostrager can be your “medical home” on 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan. Whether you are experining last-minute illness or simply need to establish a relationship with a doctor for wellness visits and routine screenings, Midtown East Family Medicine PLLC is here to help patients feel better and improve their total health.