Dr. Cherry Ostrager interview on Total Health

Dr. Cherry Ostrager continues to speak on health issues as an expert in physical health. Her comprehensive and traditional approach and her ability to communicate with patients differentiates her from other family practitioners. Recently, MidLife Rises, an online fashion magazine covering lifestyle issues for women, featured Cheryl Odiean talking with Dr. Cherry about how she approaches health care.

Back pain is a particular focus for her practice, especially for women over the age of forty. But she also understands how allergies frequently become the source of problems for patients of all ages. But these are only two of the many issues she addresses in her total health care approach to helping patients.

Dr. Cherry Ostrager is a source of comfort for patients looking for a total health care. Cheryl Odiean had this to say about Dr. Cherry Ostrager:

“It starts with a conversation and continues with a physical. She is a family practitioner, but more importantly you can get down to the nitty gritty and feel the comfort.”

“It’s really great to be a family practitioner. Why is that? Because you can do a little bit of everything. Initially, I practiced all aspects of family practice. But as time went by I saw a lot of patients – both male and female – would come in from all age groups and would have particular problems and it was more frequent problems they were coming in with such as allergies, back pain and mental health issues. So, I felt it was more important that I needed to focus on these particular areas.” –Dr. Cherry Ostrager